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Insurance Roof Replacement After Hail & Wind Damage in Cookeville, TN

Due to the recent hail storm that hit Cookeville TN this past summer Mrs. Austin was able to get her roof funded by Farm Bureau. We were able to install a GAF lifetime Roofing System on her house. This included upgraded synthetic felt, GAF Cobra Ridge Vent, GAF Pro Start, and Drip Edge to tie it all in. Our team worked tireless for Mrs. Austin and We were able to complete her job in one long Day.

  • Products Used: GAF Lifetime Roofing System
  • Service: Roof Replacement

  • Customer Review of the Roof Replacement

    "I asked around to my Friends and Neighbors and they all suggested using Your Neighbors Roofer that is based out of Cookeville TN. I called them up and they were able to come out the same day. They provided a full and detailed roof analysis for me. After we discussed every aspect of the Hail Damage that I had and they had answered all of my questions I was able to call My claim into Farm Bureau. In the following days they set an appointment with all of us to inspect the damage. Your Neighbors Roofer was early for the appointment and was able discuss the damages in detail with Farm Bureau. After the detailed inspection Farm Bureau agreed to pay for the complete replacement of my roof. Your Neighbors Roofer made it a smooth and seamless process. At every turn they worked to inform and educate me on the process. I have already recommended them to several of my friends and Family."
    -Bettie Austin

    Photos of the Insurance Roof Replacement Project in Cookeville, TN

    Location of Roof Replacement Project in Cookeville, TN

    Cookeville, TN

    If you are in need of a roof replacement or roof repairs for your Cookesville, TN project, please call 931-233-8874 or complete our online request form.

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